mysteryandmelancholyofastreetThe Thinker’s Garden have very kindly interviewed me about the forthcoming Imaginary Cities book; an opportunity (if one were needed) to talk about Surrealism, virtual reality, topography and how music might influence architecture.

The hardback copies and London launch of the book have both sold out; thanks so much to those involved. Seroword have also given the book a very thoughtful and generous review. For those interested, paperback copies of the book are available to pre-order here. We have some really exciting events and projects in Dublin, Bristol, Glasgow and further afield coming up, more on those to follow when I return from travels.

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‘Imaginary Cities’ Book Launch

art decoWaterstones Piccadilly, London will be hosting the launch of Imaginary Cities on Wednesday 22nd July 19:00. It’ll be free of course but please RSVP by email: There’ll be a Q&A, book signing, drinks (I think) and I’ll give a brief talk, probably on imaginary versions of London. Full details here.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Festival of Architecture event and especially to the organisers Sandra Youkhana and Luke Pearson for their kindness.

The hardback version of the book has sold out but paperback copies are available for pre-order via Influx Press. Hopefully, we’ll have some Irish, Scottish and, fingers crossed, European launches/events to follow.

Anyone interested in a proof copy for review, contact @KitCaless on Twitter with your details & the publication or site you write for. Thanks.

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London Calling


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Excited to be talking at the London Festival of Architecture (Up-Pop at the Swedenborg Society in Bloomsbury) on the 18th of June. Full details here. Hope to see some of you there.

Here’s the press release: Continue reading

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‘All your base are belong to us’

CGQVLILWoAADY4SThanks to everyone who came to my talk on architecture and computer games the night before last and thanks to everyone at the V&A for a fantastic venue; it was incredible (photo courtesy of the magnificent Christiana Spens). I’ll be doing more talks and projects in London, Scotland and god knows where over the next few months (always open to suggestions).

Thanks also to everyone who bought a hardback copy of the forthcoming Imaginary Cities book, which is now sold-out; thank you sincerely from the bottom of my black heart, greatly appreciated. And my gratitude to Gary and Kit from Influx Press for all their hard work, patience and focus when births, deaths and partial blindness were happening at this end and deadlines were flying past. The book will be out in paperback July 17th (I think), details of launches and things to follow.

P.S. If anyone knows a publisher who’d be interested in a prospective book on computer games & architecture with ideally lots of pictures, let me know. There are bats circling the house and the lights across the water and the moon through the trees are reminding me that I have work in the morning and some sleep might be appropriate.

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‘Press Start to Continue’

cycle (1)

I’ll be giving a talk at the V&A, London on the 29th of May. This is from the press release:

‘From Bauhaus to BioShock – how architecture and videogames overlap

Gallery 46b, Cast Courts

Author of the forthcoming Imaginary Cities, Darran Anderson looks at the relationship between videogames and architecture, from Archigram to Zelda. Learn about forerunners to virtual realities in art and design, the many various worlds that have been created and where this will lead as the boundaries between cyberspace and living space become blurred.’

If you’re in London, come along; it’ll be fun. I’m pitching a prospective book on the subject to publishers at the minute (as well as a mythological Lonely Planet-type travel guide).

My forthcoming Imaginary Cities book is also available to order as a limited-edition signed hardback via Influx Press’ site. It’s almost sold-out. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy, much appreciated. The book is a written study of imaginary cities in fiction, art, film and architecture rather than a coffee-table picture book so expect words rather than images. It will, hopefully, be the right words in the right order.

Regarding the talk, I’ll try to cover as much as I can in an hour or so, based on a misspent youth playing Streetfighter 2 in arcades and a misspent adulthood sifting through books and blueprints. The image above is the starting point; M.C. Escher pioneering isometric computer games in 1938.

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Ciudades Imaginarias


¡Salud, camaradas! For those who speak Spanish, I’ve been talking to the excellent Yorokobu site about Gaudí, Borges, Marco Polo and my forthcoming Imaginary Cities book (out next summer with Influx Press). You can read the interview here.

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