The City As Fiction

Numéro Cinq, an excellent online literary journal founded by Douglas Glover, have very kindly highlighted an article I wrote for 3:AM on the subject of fictional cities. It’s opportune timing as I’ve recently started to expand the essay into a full-length book for publication next year after some encouraging and very generous responses to it. It’s also a good excuse to explore some new cities under the spurious guise of research. One of my favourite writers on literature, especially modernism, Juliet Jacques has given me an interesting idea for the form the book will take, one that I don’t think has been done before and which is modernist in itself. All that remains is to write the wretched thing. Onwards and upwards.

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2 Responses to The City As Fiction

  1. dg says:

    Darran, Speaking of imaginary/fictional places, you might be interested in an odd little book called A Mapmaker’s Dream by an Australian writer named James Cowan.

  2. sounds fascinating, a little bit reminiscent of Xavier de Maistre’s ‘Voyage autour de ma chambre’ perhaps. will investigate further. thank you.

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