No Foreign Lands


I’ve reviewed the Peter Doig exhibition currently showing at the Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh for Studio International. The short version is it’s brilliant, go see it. For those with more patience or a masochistic disposition, here’s an excerpt and a link,

‘Every landscape is a portrait of its viewer. In Doig’s scenes, you can view wonders or read foreboding auguries. It is Doig’s great strength to make these possible simultaneously. The paintings may inevitably be static, but the feelings they arouse are protean. On initial viewing, Cricket Painting (Paragrand) appears a relatively dynamic depiction of children at play. On further examination, it appears much less innocent; the ghostly semi-translucent figures seem eerie, like figures in a dream or conjured up in the miasma of memory. Doig has claimed that he rarely paints scenes directly, but uses found images, postcards and earlier sketches or photographs. In this sense then, these are ghosts he is painting. They, and the scenes they are in, have long disappeared by the time of painting. Change, whether it is the weather or light or human beings, is an unacknowledged presence continually at work…’

To read the review, click here

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One Response to No Foreign Lands

  1. erickuns says:

    I like those paintings. Yeah, I got the sort of Gauguin influence in the rounded forms and colors unfaithful to nature. I can also see the Nolde and Munch you mention. But, yeah, he’s off in his own direction and not derivative of those sources. In fact, I find these rather inspiring and influential for my own work.

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