‘What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?’


I’ll be on television tonight, god help us all, talking on the excellent Arts Show on BBC2 Northern Ireland (& iPlayer). I’m not sure how it’s been edited, possibly spliced together syllable by syllable to make sense of my nonsense, but I should be speaking about the forthcoming resurrection of The Honest Ulsterman (out later this month as a website and app) and why (Northern) Irish poetry matters. It was a pleasure talking to them especially about the new generation of writers, in Belfast and, as is far too often overlooked, places like Derry, Tyrone, Armagh, Donegal and the Republic as well as writers in the diaspora. With publications like Gorse, The Bohemyth, Colony, The Stinging Fly, Abridged, Wordlegs and nights like Lifeboat, Over the Edge and Ó Bhéal, it’s an exciting time for emerging Irish writers. Hopefully it marks the beginning of a creative push against the necessity of exile. That might seem ludicrously ambitious but if we don’t think such things, who will?

Anyways, the programme’s on at 10pm tonight and repeated next Monday 17th at 11:05 pm. There’s more details here and some words about it on BBC News from ‘Darren Anderson from Londonderry’, whoever he is. I’m away tonight so I won’t see it initially but if you watch it, enjoy, spread the word and let me know what you think.

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