The Blue Pavillion


The Independent have published a feature here on the exceptionally-talented artist, writer & publisher Christiana Spens, focusing on her design work for her 3:AM Press book & chapbook series. The full back catalogue is available via Galley Beggar Press. At risk of sounding like a snake-oil salesman, they cure all ailments known to man and, great writing aside, they look awesome. Buy them, buy them all.

I’m delighted to say I’ll be collaborating with Ms Spens, and the mighty Susan Tomaselli, on The Blue Pavillion. Given there’s a lot of ongoing projects this year, it’ll be next year before our plans come to fruition (one idea I have, The Last Surrealist, involves resurrecting the spirit & style of Francis Picabia for one) but whatever we do, it will hopefully be as beautiful, enigmatic and original as Spens’ art. In the meantime, we’ll be plotting in the woods here (and elsewhere).


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