You Are Now Entering Free London


If you’re in London on the 5th of May, kindly make your way to Churchill Gardens estate, Pimlico (Victoria Line) for Passport 2 Pimlico , where artists will take over the area and declare it somewhere else for the day. It’s been my pleasure to contribute in a small way by collaborating with the artist Christiana Spens on a chapbook for the occasion, which will be handed out in limited editions. It contains Christiana’s wonderful cover art and my considerably less wonderful poems ‘A Drunk Man by Free Derry Corner’ (about Derry naturally) and a new long(ish) modernist one ‘The Magic Lantern’ (about London), which references Zamyatin, Woolf, Conrad, Byron, Blake, Stoker and others. Long before I spent time in London, much of it eventful, it loomed large; imposed as it was, by military force and clerical decree, on the name and streets of my hometown. Our two cities are irrevocably linked. We are twinned for our sins and our sins are many. Well, let’s explore what that means, with all the post(?)-colonial unease, responsibility and possibility we can conjure; not just from infantile nationalist viewpoints but from a multitude of angles. Derry declared itself free 45 years ago. It’s fine time that London followed suit, in a quite different sense.


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One Response to You Are Now Entering Free London

  1. Ryan says:

    ‘We are twinned for our sins and our sins are many’.
    Nicely poot.. Sounds interesting, g’luck man.

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