‘All your base are belong to us’

CGQVLILWoAADY4SThanks to everyone who came to my talk on architecture and computer games the night before last and thanks to everyone at the V&A for a fantastic venue; it was incredible (photo courtesy of the magnificent Christiana Spens). I’ll be doing more talks and projects in London, Scotland and god knows where over the next few months (always open to suggestions).

Thanks also to everyone who bought a hardback copy of the forthcoming Imaginary Cities book, which is now sold-out; thank you sincerely from the bottom of my black heart, greatly appreciated. And my gratitude to Gary and Kit from Influx Press for all their hard work, patience and focus when births, deaths and partial blindness were happening at this end and deadlines were flying past. The book will be out in paperback July 17th (I think), details of launches and things to follow.

P.S. If anyone knows a publisher who’d be interested in a prospective book on computer games & architecture with ideally lots of pictures, let me know. There are bats circling the house and the lights across the water and the moon through the trees are reminding me that I have work in the morning and some sleep might be appropriate.

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2 Responses to ‘All your base are belong to us’

  1. David Reat says:

    Dear Darran,
    I’ve been trying to contact you a few times via Twitter.
    I am curating an RIAS exhibition for the 2016 Festival of Architecture in Glasgow next year, which will be centred on architecture and science fiction film.
    Additionally, I run a unit at the Bartlett which involves the architecture of video games. I think it would be good to catch up? David.

    • Hi David, sorry twitter often fails to tell me when someone has sent a message. Very keen on taking part, I’m currently living in Fife and I’m frequently in Glasgow. My email address is darrananderson1 at gmail dot com, talk soon

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