Excited to be talking at the London Festival of Architecture (Up-Pop at the Swedenborg Society in Bloomsbury) on the 18th of June. Full details here. Hope to see some of you there.

Here’s the press release:
‘UP-POP is a panel discussion taking place as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015, bringing together a set of diverse speakers for a discussion on the relationship between architecture, pop culture, politics and technology.

UP-POP will question how the shifting technological landscapes around us have fundamentally changed our relationship to the production of culture. How does architecture react to the city defined by the constantly changing ways in which it is seen, mediated and communicated? UP-POP will discuss this theme and more long-lasting cultural impacts that these changes are having on our cities and architectural practice itself.

Many people now obtain ‘architectural experiences’ through facsimile versions of cities within videogames. Minecraft has created a huge society of burgeoning child-architects. New social media syntaxes develop for communication, from the hashtag to the meme to the emoji. 3D printing technologies promise a great role for ‘non-experts’ in the creation of design objects, but also the ability for companies like Disney to personalize culturally iconic characters. From grainy sports streams to flash-lit selfies, technology produces more ‘poor images’ than ever, yet much architecture privileges glossy and iconic products of advanced building technologies. UP-POP will challenge this through the LFA 2015’s ‘Work In Progress’ theme, arguing that our experience of the contemporary city is shaped day-by-day through such technoculture, both ‘high’ and ‘low’.’

Our panel includes:
Darran Anderson – author of Imaginary Cities (Influx Press, July 2015) – https://darrananderson.com/
Hannes Coudenys – author of Ugly Belgian Houses (Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2015) – http://uglybelgianhouses.tumblr.com/
Holly Lewis – co-founding partner of We Made That – http://www.wemadethat.co.uk/

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